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Top 22 random facts to make everybody’s jaw drop – Celebrity News

It’s always fun to know about random facts because they are so interesting that they can drop anybody’s jaw. So, if you are an introvert and want to break the ice, you can state these fun facts and lighten up everybody’s mood. Or, if you are an extrovert/ambivert, then you can make everyone laugh with these fun facts. Here are some top funny interesting facts that can make everybody laugh. 

Top 22 interesting random facts that will shock you

1. There are moonquakes on Moon

Earthquakes are devastating, but apart from the Earth, there is also one more place where quakes occur and that is the Moon. 

According to the scientists of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Moon also gets shakes that are less common and less intense, compared to the Earth. Moonquakes happen due to tidal stresses connected to the distance between the Moon and the Earth. 


2. People get more creative thoughts when they are in the shower

Have you ever experienced that you get more creative thoughts when you are in the shower? Well, you are not the only one! Many people get very curious and imaginative while they take shower. Showers spark creativity! This happens because there is an increased flow of dopamine to the brain when we take shower and that makes us more imaginative and creative. 

So, next time, if you have writer’s block, or want to create something and are not getting ideas for the same, just take a bath. 


3. The national animal of Scotland is The Unicorn

People who are huge fans of the Harry Potter franchise must be knowing about Unicorn. If not, then let us tell you – The Unicorn is a mythological creature that is described as a beast with a large, pointed horn projecting from the center of its forehead. Mythologically speaking, Unicorns are considered to be brave, gentle, and pure. They are the symbol of beauty and divine love. 

You will be shocked to know that the Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. The reason why the country chose it as the national animal is because of its connection with purity, bravery, and innocence in Celtic mythology. 


4. Nutmeg can be poisonous

Nutmeg is a spice that’s widely used in many countries to give flavor and aroma to curries and various other dishes. It is also considered excellent for health, but did you know that nutmeg is a hallucinogen? 

Well yes – one of the best interesting random facts to know today is that nutmeg contains a natural compound known as myristicin that can cause mild-altering effects if taken in a large dose. We have always been told that excess of anything is bad for our health, so take nutmeg in a limited quantity.

5. Gruen transfer is the feeling of being lost inside a mall

Have you ever felt so confused inside a mall seeing so many products that you ended up purchasing more than required? That’s impulsive buying and occurs due to the Gruen Effect. 

This is a point at which someone becomes confused and overwhelmed inside a shopping mall due to multiple stimuli, loses track of their original intention, and ends up buying impulsively. 

So, next time you visit a mall, don’t let external stimuli affect you and hold your horses to prevent impulsive buying. 


6. The wood frog can hold its pee for 8 months

Sounds gross, isn’t it? But it isn’t! One of the best random facts about animals is that wood frogs are known to hold their urine for up to 8 months. They hold their urine in the winter season to survive. Do you want to know how it happens?

There are some microbes in their gut that recycle urea (the main waste in urine) into nitrogen which keeps them safe and alive during hibernation. Urea helps in protecting the cells and tissues of wood frogs. Well, this is impossible for humans as we need to rush to the bathroom whenever we have the urge to pee, but wood frogs hold their urine to keep themselves alive. Pretty interesting to know right?

7. Only two mammals enjoy spicy food 

It is a known fact that most human beings like spicy food, and they like dishes that include lots of spices like capsaicin, nutmeg, and so on. 

But, did you know that there is also one more mammal specie that enjoys having spicy food? A few Chinese researchers found that tree shrews love eating spicy food and these cute creatures happily eat corn pellets laced with capsaicin, while other mammals in the research avoided them. 


8. The first-ever animated feature movie was made in Argentina

If you are a fan of Walt Disney movies, you might assume that the first animated movie must have been made by Disney. Well, you are wrong! 

One of the amazing random facts about movies is that the first-ever animated feature film in the world was made in Argentina. The name of the movie is ‘El Apóstol’ and it’s a political satire with a running time of 70 minutes. 

9. Two scientists had a match on Tinder in the most remote part of the world

We all try different ways to find true love, isn’t it? Well, here is one of the amazing random facts – 2 research scientists who were working in a remote area got matched on Tinder (a dating app). The man was working at the Antarctic McMurdo Station and the woman was busy camping a 45-minute helicopter ride away. Well, what are the chances? When you want to find love, love finds you easily. 

10. Iceland grows 5 cms per year

You must be shocked to know that the moving tectonic plates make Iceland grow 5 centimeters every year. Want to know another interesting fact about Iceland? More than 60 percent of the population of the country lives in Reykjavík (the capital city of Iceland).

11. There are 100 folds in a chef’s toque

Have you ever taken a look at the chef’s attire? Yes, we all are busy eating delicious food whenever we go to a restaurant, but here is a random fact that you will love – the traditional hat worn by a chef, technically called toque contains 100 folds. But why 100, you may ask?

It is said that back in the day, the pleats used to represent the no. of ways the chef wearing it could cook eggs. In a way, it represented how many techniques a chef has mastered and 100 pleats were considered a badge of honor for a chef. 


12. Rabbits cannot throw up

One of the weirdest random facts about animals is that rabbits are unable to vomit. It’s not like they don’t want to, they physically can’t. 

Rabbits don’t have a gag reflex. Also, they have a small and delicate stomach and their digestive system goes one way, so they can eat whatever they want, and poop, but cannot throw up. 

Additionally, their diaphragm isn’t strong enough to make food get out through their throat. This is one of the reasons why ingesting fur can cause many problems for a rabbit. Unlike other animals, rabbits cannot cough up fur when they digest too much of it. 


13. A dentist invented cotton candy

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, most doctors advise people of all ages, especially kids not to have too much of anything sweet lest they want their teeth to go bad. 

But, did you know that cotton candy was invented by a dentist named William Morrison?

In 1987, he partnered with confectioner John C. Wharton to develop a cotton candy machine (known as “Fairy Floss” at that time). We still don’t know what was the motive of the dentist to invent something that can cause cavities – well maybe, he wanted to bring a smile to a kid’s face. 

Whatever the reason might be, cotton candy has become a household name and kids love it.


14. Japan has the highest number of vending machines

A vending machine is used to dispense small things such as food and drinks when a coin, token, or bill is inserted into it. 

Japan is known to have the highest number of vending machines in the world and it has one machine for every 40 people in the country. 

A vending machine is usually known to sell different types of beverages, but in Japan, you can get ice cream and noodles as well from a vending machine. This is one of the best random facts that you can learn today and educate others too. 

15. Fingernails and hair do not grow after you die

Many people believe that hair and fingernails grow after death, but the truth is far beyond our imagination. If fingernails and hair are to grow, they will need glucose, which is cut off after a person’s death, thereby preventing further growth. 

Do you know why hair and fingernails appear long after a person’s death? Many experts claim that a person’s hair and fingernails appear longer because the skin around the nails and the hair follicles dehydrate after a person’s death and party retracts. Isn’t this one of the most amazing random facts you came to know about today?

16. The English word “set” holds the Guinness World Records for having the most definitions

If you are a bookaholic then there is a high chance you are in love with different words and their meanings too. 

Here is one of the top fun facts about the English language – the word “set” holds the record for having the largest number of meanings. There are 430 different meanings listed in the 2nd edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. 

17. The very first time that the word “period” was telecasted on the television was 1985

You would be shocked to know that Courtney Cox (our lovable Monica from the famous American sitcom series ‘Friends’) was the first person to say the word ‘period’ on television. 

There was a Tampax commercial that aired in 1985 and featured Courtney telling people that tampons can make them change how they feel about their period. 

“Feeling cleaner is more comfortable.” is one of the lines that she used for the commercial. Typical Monica! It can also be said that the ad was quite ahead of its time and broke many stereotypes related to menstruation. 

18. Peanuts are not nuts

Well, you must be going nuts with this information, isn’t it? How come peanuts are not nuts? ‘My whole life was a lie’- you must be thinking right now. 

Peanuts are technically not nuts, they are legumes. Nuts are hard-shelled dry fruits or seeds with a shell and interior kernel and they grow on trees, whereas peanuts grow in pods and mature underground. So, technically speaking, peanuts are legumes and not nuts. 


19. Bees sting other bees

Here is a fun fact about bees – they don’t just sting humans, but other bees too. 

Bees are quite notorious and to protect their hives from outsiders, bees guard the entrance and sting anyone that tries to come in. Well, bee stings are not painful only for humans but for other bees too. 


20. Walt Disney holds the record for getting the most Academy Awards

We all love Walt Disney movies, isn’t it? They are fascinating, full of life, and have great characters, animation, and performances. So, to say that Walt Disney holds the record for winning the most Academy Awards isn’t shocking. Walt Disney has won 26 Oscars in the span of his career out of 59 nominations. 


21. Dolphins have been trailed for wars

It is a known fact that dolphins are highly intellectual. But what is not widely known is that they were used during the Cold War and the Vietnam War. 

The US and Soviet Union trained dolphins to find lost equipment, detect mines, guard submarines, and so on. 


22. Tomato ketchup was sold as a medicine earlier

Back in the 1800s, ketchup was used as a medicine. Dr. John Cook Bennett suggested using ketchup as a medicine for health problems like jaundice, indigestion, and diarrhea. Later, he also sold the recipe in form of ‘tomato pills.’ 

These were some of the mind-blowing random facts that can surprise anyone. So, share these interesting fun facts with your friends to pass on the knowledge. Have fun, and keep learning new facts about life!

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